World Of Cricket

Cricket is played all over the world. Full member nations of the International Cricket Council include England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and the West Indies, Cricket is very popular in these countries, but it is also played in others. Afghanistan, Ireland, Holland, Hong Kong, Oman and Scotland were represented in the 2016 World Cup.

Cricket has three main formats. Test matches, One Day matches and T20 matches.

Test Matches

Test matches have a scheduled duration of five days and usually have at least six hours of play each day; there are formal intervals on each day for lunch and tea with brief informal breaks for drinks. There is also a short interval between innings. This format is played by professional cricketers. They will be dressed in whites (white clothing) and use a red ball.

One Day Matches

One Day matches have limited overs cricket because each team bowls a limit of typically 50 overs, has a planned duration of one day. They will wear white or colored clothing using a red ball with white clothing and white ball for colored clothing.


T20 (or Twenty20) was designed so that the whole game could be played in a single evening, in which each team has innings limited to twenty overs. They will wear coloured clothing and use a white ball.
Local club cricket teams (which are usually Villages) consist of amateur players. There games will vary in length between 40 and 50 overs per side with an interval for tea at the weekend and the 20-over format in the evenings.

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